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제목 Guidelines for food safety
글쓴이 URS Vietnam 등록일 2013-11-28 조회수 23267
Temperature control is a critical aspect of food safety at home or in businesses. The basic guidelines are:

- Cold foods must be maintained at 41°F or less
- Eggs for immediate service, must be cooked to 145°F or above for
15 seconds
- Chopped or ground meat, must be cooked to: 155°F or above for
15 seconds, or 150°F or above for one minute, or 145°F or above
for three minutes.
- Poultry, stuffed food products, stuffing containing fish, meat or
poultry must be cooked to 165°F or above for 15 seconds.
- Foods cooked in a microwave must be cooked to 165°F. The
product must be covered, and rotated or stirred during the cooking
process. After cooking, allow two minutes stand time before serving.
- Hot food, once cooked, must be maintained at 140°F or above.
- Foods must be cooled from 140°F to 70°F within two hours and
from 70°F to 41°F within an additional four hours. The goal is to
cool foods as quickly as possible.
- Food that is reheated must reach a minimum internal temperature
of at least 165°F for 15 seconds. Reheating must be done rapidly
and the minimum temperature must be reached within two hours.

URS provide comprehensive Food Safety services to some of the leading Food Producers in the world.
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